more Alamo love

The big news is that Entertainment Weekly named Alamo Drafthouse as the top movie theater in the country. I wish I could read the article myself, but I haven’t had time to pick up the printed magazine and it isn’t available online. (I can’t even tell whether they’re referring to Alamo Downtown or to the chain as a whole.)
So go read Matt Dentler’s post, which includes excerpts from the article, including the other theaters on the top 10 list.
I feel really lucky to live in walking distance (although we always drive) of one Alamo Drafthouse and an easy drive from several more. As Matt mentions, Alamo’s Rolling Roadshow is touring around the country this month. Check the listings to see if they’ll be in your neighborhood. I wish I could follow them like the sad little Alamo groupie that I am.
I wonder if Alamo felt any effects from this alleged “box office slump” everyone’s been complaining about. Somehow I suspect not. They don’t treat audiences like cattle or captive prey.
I’ll try to pick up an Entertainment Weekly in the next couple of days; if the article includes anything else notable, I’ll post that info here.