oh goody, we’re going to talk about me

And the news is good: I am now posting items at Cinematical, a weblog that provides commentary on all aspects of film news, reviews, and issues. So far I’ve posted only a few tidbits of news because I’m still getting started. I didn’t want to jump in with some crazy story about how my brother blames Christopher Walken on his premature hair loss. I have already managed to mention the Alamo, though. Ultimately I think I will be posting daily over there, depending on my schedule.
I’ll still post occasional Austin-related movie info here, as well as entries that are a little too personal for a film industry-focused weblog, movie reviews, and rants. I may even tell stories about the cat, but only if they are of general interest.
By the way, while we’re discussing my new gig, I’m currently looking for more part-time freelance film-related writing work. Or non-film-related writing/editing work, for that matter. If anyone has any resources or advice they can share, please email me and let me know. I’ll be happy to send you the URL to my online portfolio if you’re seriously interested. I’m not looking for tech writing; I do enough of that during the day. But I would like some paid freelance opportunities for movie reviews, articles, or columns.
[Did everyone recognize the movie quote in the title? If not, go rent The Philadelphia Story.]

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  1. Because a) I didn’t think about that, and b) I barely had time yesterday to post the entry itself. Good suggestion. I need to update the sidebar after I update the 20 DVD Gaps list, and I’ll add the URL then.

  2. Cinematical is one of my favorite RSS feeds! Welcome on board with Cinematical and hoping the best for your part-time career. I feel your site “Celluloid Eyes” is anything but played out – Please, keep up with your candid work here. [b]I’m begging you.[/b]

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