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My boyfriend and I are sitting in a PJ’s in the New Orleans area, checking email and catching up on news and various other important computer-y things. I am trying to get used to my laptop keyboard, which kind of sucks, instead of the nice keyboard I usually have at home. Also, I am realizing that my laptop is extremely dusty, which the magical lighting effects at home somehow disguised.
I have two questions so far about the New Orleans area this weekend:
1. What’s the story behind those “Vote Pro-Life” signs in people’s yards all over town? (Some even have charming little fetus pictures on them. You can’t beat the anti-abortion groups for taste in graphic design.) Is there a particular agenda: are these anti-Kerry, or anti-Landrieu, or are they in response to a particular referendum or other election issue? Someone who lives around here and keeps up with local politics, please explain this to me.
(Incidentally, in our drive from Austin to New Orleans yesterday, we saw exactly two Kerry bumper stickers: one on I-10 in Baton Rouge, one in the Clearview parking lot in Metry. Lots of little “W” stickers though. Hmm.)
2. We were driving to Clearview last night to have dinner at Zea’s and we were pushed out of the way by a huge motorcade on, of all streets, West Napoleon. At first, we saw a limo and a police motorcycle and thought maybe it was a wedding. But there were at least a half-dozen motorcyles plus police cars and they were waving at us to get the hell out of the way and they were in a huge hurry. My mom thought maybe it was a high-profile politician in town and even guessed it could be Kerry. But would Kerry ride in a Hummer limo? A white Hummer limo? Urgh. That has to be the ugliest car I’ve ever seen speed past while surrounded by escorts. In fact—ugliest. car. ever.
My point is, if you are living around here and you kinow who it was, please tell me so we can stop guessing.
Okay, I am walking over to Target now to find a map of New Orleans to ensure we don’t get lost on the way down to Magazine Street. More later.

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  1. I’m sitting here in Minnesota reading this and you have made me very curious. I hope you will post the information if someone clears up the mysteries.

  2. Ooh…if you’re in one of the PJ’s that carries the chocolate buttercream squares you shouldn’t miss out. Only one of the best and richest dessert concoctions I’ve ever had. (They definitely have them in the former PJ’s/currently “Still Perkin'” at The Rink at the corner of Prytania and Washington.) If you’re headed to Magazine Street and work up an appetite you should duck into the funky Juan’s Flying Burrito for the best guacamole around and wonderful quesadilla’s with all fresh ingredients. We moved from New Orleans 2 years ago and this was one of my favorite lunch spots. I also miss the vermicelli salad bowls from Pho Tau Bay in Metairie near Lakeside, and the lamb kebab and falafel from Byblos in Old Metairie. Oh…and the oyster poboys from R&O’s at the Lakefront. And if you don’t mind the drive, the thin crispy catfish and fried oysters at Middendorfs in Manchac are the best around. Sigh…..Houston has nothing to compare with New Orleans food.

  3. Hmmm–You know N.O. is pro-life (unless, of course it’s already been born and is now on death row) but the biggie here seems to be the constitutional amendment about marriage being only for one man and one woman. Of course, ideally that should be a forever thing–if they want to protect the “sanctity” of marriage they should ban divorce. And sex outside of marriage. Hypocrisy rules.
    Clinton was in town a day or so ago, just before his heart problems, but I don’t think that was the motorcade. Anyway, remember I live on the North Shore and just work in N. O. And I’ve been leaving the TV either off or on Animal Planet during the week of unpaid political advertising aka convention.

  4. Sue, then are these pro-life signs really a secret code for voting for that hateful anti-gay-marriage amendment? I noticed there were no signs for that stupid damn referendum, not even in ultra-conservative suburbia, and wondered if one really meant the other. I have never seen so many “Vote Pro-Life” signs in front of people’s houses before and I suspected there might be something that triggered such a thing.
    (I took photos of the signs, and might post them when I get home.)

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