movies this week: so tempting

This week’s crop of movies looks very tempting. I wish I could skip work and sit in the theater catching up on Kung Fu Hustle, seeing the new releases (to Austin) of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and ,em>the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and finally seeing Inside Deep Throat and Imelda and Downfalland then getting to catch some obscure new movies like Viva Les Amis.
“Hi, Ms. Boss? I won’t be in today. I’m sorry. I’m suffering from cinematic withdrawal disorder.”
No, I guess that won’t fly.

New movies in Austin this week:
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room—Oooh. I have been waiting to see this documentary on the demise of Enron. The film apparently does some great things with the soundtrack.
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy—I swear, you never saw such mixed reviews for a movie. Goodness. I want to see it, but not on opening weekend.
Also, people keep saying that they ought to reread the books, or reread them for the first time, before seeing the movie. Some advice: Read the books after you see the movie. You’ll enjoy both a lot more, I suspect.
Oldboy—The much-lauded 2003 thriller from S. Korea finally reaches Austin this week with a run at Alamo South.
xXx: State of the Union—For some reason, this title reminds me of the stupid MPAA-sponsored bill that was signed into law this week, which allows DVD players to censor movies so they are “family-friendly.”
Can you tell that I have absolutely nothing to say about this movie? Wait, I do. This is a total whore’s movie: a sequel with no artistic and little entertainment merit, in which I suspect the top-notch actors appear so they can pick up a decent paycheck. The only upside to this movie is that perhaps Samuel L. Jackson and Willem Dafoe made enough money that they can afford to act in some small, low-budget, interesting movies that we can enjoy later this year.
Even if I had a month off work to do nothing but watch movies, I wouldn’t see this film.
Notable events/revivals in Austin:
The Animation Show—Playing at Alamo Village all week. The Mike Judge/Don Hertzfeldt-produced collection of animated shorts did quite well at Alamo South and now it’s moved into my neighborhood. Thanks, guys! That’s so convenient. Hopefully I can go this week.
The Fearless Freaks—Playing at Alamo Village all week. See this documentary of the Flaming Lips in a theater if you can.
Viva Les Amis—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Tues. 5/3 and Wed. 5/4. Documentary about the colorful cafe off Guadalupe, which was eventually razed for a lot of boring development. I’d like to see this and am hoping to go on Wednesday.
Room—Playing at Alamo South on Sunday 5/1. This is a sneak preview of an Austin film that will screen at Cannes this year. The screening is a fundraiser to help pay for the director and lead actress to go to Cannes, so they don’t have to squeeze into Robert Rodriguez’s luggage to get there.
The Forbidden Zone—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Sat. 4/30 with director Richard Elfman in attendance. Why yes, I have bought my tickets already. There was no way I was going to miss this. My boyfriend may never forgive me for dragging him along, though.
Inside Deep Throat—Playing at Alamo Downtown Wed.-Thurs. 5/4-5. I wanted to see this and I missed it because it was playing while I was trying to see millions of movies during SXSW and now here it is at Alamo for two nights … but playing a little too late for me to go when I have work the next day. I suspect I’ll have to wait for DVD.
Imelda—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Tues. 5/3 and Thurs. 5/5. I wanted to see this the last time Alamo showed it and it sold out before I could get a ticket. Will I see it this time? I wish.
The Big Lebowski—Playing Thurs-Sat. 5/5-7. Rolling Roadshow is showing this Coen brothers movie at the Dart Bowl. Admission price includes a free White Russian and shoes/lane rental after the movie.
Current favorite quote from this movie: “You’re young, you got your health. What do you want with a job?”
The Seventh Seal—Playing at the Paramount Wed-Thurs. 5/4-5 as part of a tribute to Ingmar Bergman. “If you do not wish for death, would you care for a rubber chicken?” Oh, wait, wrong movie … that one was from Ingmar’s brother Zeppo.
The Virgin Spring—Playing at the Paramount Wed-Thurs. 5/4-5 as part of a tribute to Ingmar Bergman. The Paramount says they have a new print, too.
I still have to finish reviews for the following movies: The Interpreter, Paper Moon, Raging Bull, Maria Full of Grace, The Celluloid Closet, Spy Kids 2, The Iron Giant, and But I’m a Cheerleader.
“Hello, Ms. Boss? I can’t come in today. Yeah, I’m suffering from degenerative cinescribitiaparesis. Should take about a week to catch up—I mean clear up.”
Yeah, I know. I shouldn’t even try.

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  1. I saw the Enron movie in the film festival. You could have gone last night and seen ex-gov Richards and her buddy Bud Shrake there I’ll bet. I saw them going to Alamo South and really honestly think they probably weren’t going to see Sin City. Maybe The Interpreter, though. She lives part time in NYC and maybe has visions of being appointed to the UN when the Dems regain power.

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