2005 in (cinematic) review, part one

Everyone is posting lists of their top ten (or five, or 15) 2005 films. I thought I might want to make some lists myself, but first I needed to remember which films I actually saw in 2005. The great advantage of reviewing or just writing about movies on a weblog like this is that theoretically, I would have a record of every movie I saw and even when I saw it.
For the first few months of the year, I wrote at least a summary review of nearly every movie, even the number of films I saw at SXSW. Somewhere in the long, hot, overtime-filled summer, I started slipping. I used my Netflix list and my stack of ticket stubs to help me figure out what I saw and didn’t write about, but a few movies may have slipped through the cracks. And while I know I saw Bright Leaves on PBS, I can’t figure out exactly when (it wasn’t the first viewing in August).
Still, I managed to pull together a fairly thorough list of all the movies I saw in 2005. I’m dividing it into two entries because it is so long. The films marked with an asterisk are movies that had a U.S. theatrical release in 2005, although in a few cases “theatrical release” means “a couple of nights at Alamo Drafthouse” or even “an airing on PBS.” It’s more difficult than I realized to determine what was released in 2005 and what was not. (The list actually includes a few 2006 releases, which I saw at various film festivals.)

The list includes movies I saw for the first time in 2005, in theaters and on DVD. It does not include short films, with a few notable exceptions. It also does not include not-yet-released and/or unfinished films I saw privately and can’t discuss. I noted the films I saw at various film festivals, such as South by Southwest.
Whenever possible, I linked to what I wrote about each movie, whether here or at Cinematical. For the movies I neglected to write about, I included a short one-sentence summary. If I ever review any of these movies, I’ll go back and add the link later.
And now you can understand what my New Year’s resolution is for 2006: Write something, even if it’s only a couple of paragraphs, about every movie I see. It’s best if I write a full review, of course, because that’s good practice for my writing, but even the six-minute reviews are better than nothing.
This entry includes January through June 2005; the next entry covers July through December.
Reminder: films marked with an asterisk had a U.S. theatrical release in 2005.






  • The Cooler—I did write a review of this movie … on paper, in May or June. Guess I need to find a notebook and transcribe the review, then I’ll post a link. Summary: This was one of the best movies I saw this year. Go rent it.
  • My Little Chickadee
  • *Howl’s Moving Castle
  • *Batman Begins—Entertaining superhero movie, but I like the Spider-Man films better. Supporting actors (except Katie Holmes) were the best part of the movie.
  • Shaolin Soccer—I did write a review of this movie … on paper, in May or June. Guess I need to find a notebook and transcribe the review, then I’ll post a link. Summary: Possibly funnier than Kung Fu Hustle.

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  1. found your blog googling for “if you like oceans eleven, you’ll like” too bad kiss kiss bang bang isn’t showing anywhere near me. anyway, i like your movie reviews, so thanks for making them available on the web. cheers -ellen

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