genuine movie-critic moments, episode 2

Last October, my husband and I wanted to have a movie-night party at our house and show a horror movie, preferably a funny one and not too gory. I immediately suggested Night of the Living Dorks, a movie I saw at Fantastic Fest in 2005 and found very funny. You can read my review here. The Beau was a bit reluctant, but it didn’t matter, because we found out that the movie wasn’t available on DVD, at least not in this country. (It’s a German film — the original title was Die Nacht der lebenden Loser, which I think sounds better.) We ended up showing an episode from the Masters of Horror series instead, Joe Dante’s political satire/horror film Homecoming, which everyone enjoyed. I later included Homecoming on my list of funniest horror movies, especially if you don’t vote Republican.
I found out a few weeks ago that Night of the Living Dorks is finally getting a U.S. DVD release on Feb. 20, and looked forward to renting the movie to watch again, perhaps gently encouraging the still-skeptical Beau to watch it with me. As you might have guessed, I am a total sucker for any combination of comedy and horror, although this movie has very little horror and a lot of broad and silly comedy. The DVD is being released by Anchor Bay, which always seems to do a good job with DVD transfers and extras.
And then last night someone (hi, Scott) sent me a link to a picture of the DVD case for the U.S. release of Night of the Living Dorks. Check out the quote on the front (and the back) of the box — it’s from my review. And unlike the last time I found myself quoted, it’s not truncated to change the meaning.
I’m pleased and amused, and hopefully I won’t let this go to my head and become a quote whore. I’d hate to make eFilmCritic’s annual list — but let’s face it, I just don’t have that kind of personality. Meanwhile, the little kid inside my head is still jumping up and down and squealing, “I’m on a DVD box, I’m on a DVD box!” I suppose the real movie-critic moment will occur when I’m totally jaded about this sort of thing.

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  1. That is WAY cool. You’re on a DVD box!
    I think you should buy two DVDs when the come out, and frame one of the boxes. Or shadowbox it!

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