hooray for celebrity documentarians

A quick moment of amusement:
I was looking at the new Bardot collection on DVD at Amazon (I wanted to see the cover after Dave Kehr referred to it in his article on the films) and noticed an Amazon link to “Save 60% on Celebrity DVD Boxed Sets.” I certainly like saving money, even though I am not really supposed to be buying new DVDs until I watch the ones I have, so I took a look.
For the most part, the page of sale DVD sets was what you’d expect — a combination of old and new stars, all of which you’d probably recognize on sight. You could get Gary Cooper or George Clooney, Pam Grier or Cameron Diaz, Steve McQueen or Chuck Norris. You get the idea. But smack in the middle of the page, surrounded by Drew Barrymore and Natalie Portman’s boxed sets —
The Errol Morris DVD Collection.
I was so tickled by this that I almost bought the boxed set right then and there. (I may still … after all, it’s on sale.) I had never thought about Morris as having the same type of celebrity following as Sandra Bullock or Nicolas Cage, but I’m glad to see that someone at Amazon thought so. Next time I hope to see Barbara Kopple on the page too.

2 thoughts on “hooray for celebrity documentarians”

  1. Errol Morris, celeb. That’s brilliant, I can’t wait for the Enquirer to publish an article about his gastric bypass, or something. (How did the Bardot collection look? Worth buying?)

  2. I am coming back to this entry late to note that while at TIFF this weekend, we found ourselves eating lunch one table over from two people who were planning the documentary they’re going to make together. One of them was trying to evoke Errol Morris to explain what he was after – it sounded like he wanted to make a sort of Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control knockoff.
    But the way he put it was: “This doc needs to be, like… Have you ever heard of Erin Morris? He makes these docs and there’s this one about this guy who studies these, like, blind moles. Like that.”
    I nearly threw my teriyaki at his head, yelled “It’s ERROL, and they were NAKED MOLE-RATS,” and stormed out. It is possible I am way too attached to Errol Morris’ work.

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