Well done, sister suffragettes

I forgot, until someone reminded me this morning (and I can’t remember which blog, sorry), that yesterday was the anniversary of Congress approving the 19th Amendment. It was on June 4, 1919, that the women’s suffrage amendment was sent to the states for ratification. If I’d know, maybe I would have made time to go to the polls yesterday for early voting in the City Council runoff election; I’ll have to go this weekend instead.
I could reprint the text of the amendment here, as a way to commemorate the anniversary, but instead I cannot resist the urge to share with you one of my favorite songs, ever ever ever. I’ve been known to sing it aloud on occasion, because who could resist? And of course this is a film blog so I have to tie everything into movies. So I give you “Sister Suffragette” from the movie Mary Poppins. You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Well done, sister suffragettes”

  1. Thanks, Jette!
    Years ago we had the songs from Mary Poppins on a 33 RPM record…my kids and I once knew all the words. I enjoyed singing along with Glynnis Johns in this light-hearted song.
    But the chains and the forcefeeding tubes were real, and we owe those women a great deal.
    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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