the finger

Update on a previous entry: Apparently my dad didn’t do anything memorably embarrassing at the brunch. He did refer to one woman as a manatee, but she wasn’t anywhere in hearing range when he said it. He claims in his defense that she really did look like a manatee, anyway.
However, Monday night my sister called to tell me that my dad had to go to the hospital. He was working outside in his garage-turned-shop (he builds and refinishes furniture) and somehow he sliced his finger on a long sharp piece of oak. By the time she told me more details than I wanted to know, it was too late to call my parents. So I called last night to check on how my dad was doing.

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y’all are sweet

I found out today I am a finalist for a Diarist Award. Not only that, it’s the Legacy Award, which (the site says) “Recognizes sites and authors that have made a significant contribution to the genre, whether in quality writing or design, longevity, mentoring, increasing general awareness of the art, or simply active participation in the journalling community.” The Diarist Awards are peer awards nominated and voted on by other online writers, so I am honored to think that y’all would consider me qualified to be a finalist. Many thanks to whomever is responsible for this!

cheese and Kotex in Las Vegas

I spent last weekend in Las Vegas, which is not something I thought I would ever do, but I did and I survived and now I am here to tell you all the tale.
I went to Vegas to hang out with various people I knew who were going at the same time, and to see the weird Vegas sights. I had a good time, but I have no real desire to visit the place again. There are too many other interesting places I haven’t seen.
I did not have any Hunter S. Thompson-level inspiration, though. I did not even have any Joe Bob Briggs-level inspiration. I can only offer you some bits and pieces of observations.

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