Should we alert Kevin Smith?

My husband phoned me to tell me that he’d just heard a Kentucky Fried Chicken (or KFC, as we are supposed to call them these days) ad on the radio that he swears used the catchphrase, “I’m eatin’ it!” Does this sound familiar? Let me give you a hint:

Mooby's, from Clerks II

We are in a state of disbelief and hilarity. If this is true, it’s the best “life imitates film” moment since Brawndo, the sports drink from Idiocracy, became a real beverage. Obviously I need to investigate this matter further and keep you posted. Or better yet, someone else will investigate it and post the results, and I’ll happily link to their findings. That’s what bloggers do, after all.
And it does seem only fair — the “K” in the “Clerks II” logo on the film’s poster is from the KFC logo, so why shouldn’t KFC snag Mooby’s logo from Clerks II for their own?
One more photo, after the jump, because I couldn’t resist.

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Redbelt (2008)

When my husband and I watched a trailer for Redbelt a few weeks ago, not knowing anything about the movie, we turned to each other and said “Mamet” before the credits proved we were right — David Mamet wrote and directed the film. Unfortunately, it’s not one of his best. I’ve read several glowing reviews, and I have to wonder if the critics saw the same film I did. Because the Redbelt I saw was a mess — often entertaining, but too inconsistent.
Redbelt is about martial-arts instructor Mike Terry (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who is content to run a small school and not worry about money or competitions. A string of events one night changes everything — Mike has to ask his brother-in-law for money to fix some damage to his school, and while in his brother-in-law’s bar he ends up protecting action-hero movie star Chet Frank (Tim Allen) from a potentially nasty fight. Next thing you know, Mike is lured into unfamiliar scenes and deals and commitments and faces the possibility he’ll have to do the one thing he finds truly repellant: competing in a fight for money.

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