movies this week: return to normalcy

I would like to do something fun that is not related to movies this weekend. I have seen plenty of movies recently during the SXSW film festival. It looks like I need to catch up at the office on Sunday, or else I would want to do something outdoors (weather permitting). Even yard work might be welcome … well, okay, that’s going a little too far.
Now that SXSW is drawing to a close, local theaters have scheduled a good lineup of interesting movies and movie-related events. Check the Alamo and Paramount listings for full details.
Oh, yeah, there are also new current releases in Austin. Some look quite good, depending on your taste: Born into Brothels for the documentary fans, Steamboy for the anime fans, Ice Princess for … um … figure-skating fans, I guess.

New movies in Austin this week:
Born into Brothels—This movie won the Oscar for Best Documentary this year. I have heard nothing but good things about it. I should go see it. But somehow, seeing a documentary where you know you are expected to be shocked about the horrors of the world sounds to me to be as much fun as taking a nice dose of cough syrup. Maybe in another week I will have recuperated from SXSW and will want to go.
Gunner Palace—The MPAA decided that since this movie addressed Very Important Issues, it could receive a PG-13 rating even though it contained language that normally earns an R rating. If I were Trey Parker and Matt Stone, I’d be pissed. I will spare you a long rant about the MPAA (did I mention that when Jack Valenti showed up in The Last Mogul, my boyfriend actually hissed at him? I love that man. My boyfriend, not Valenti).
Ice Princess—I grew up with Ice Castles myself. Ice Princess sounds cuter and less dramatic. Standard story about a girl who wants to be a figure skater more than anything. Hey, it has Joan Cusack in it. And Michelle Kwan. And Brian Boitano, whom I cannot think about without remembering that South Park song. I think I will go read Noel Streatfeild’s White Boots again instead.
The Ring Two—I never did see The Ring myself, or even Ringu, the original Japanese movie. This movie is directed by Hideo Nakata, who directed Ringu and Ringu 2.
Steamboy—Japanese anime from the director of Akira. English-dubbed actors include Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, and Alfred Molina.
Notable events/revivals in Austin:
Billy Holiday: From First to Last—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Wed. 3/23 as part of the Dennis Nyback Live series of compilations.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Sat. 3/26 and Sun. 3/27 with a champagne brunch. A lot of people love this film. I tried to watch it, and could not get past Mickey Rooney’s awful character. Ugh.
The Dark Side of Dr. Seuss—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Wed. 3/23 as part of the Dennis Nyback Live series of compilations. Includes all of Ted Geisel’s WW2-era propaganda and military training films.
Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut—Playing at the Dobie all week long. I haven’t seen the director’s cut, but I didn’t find anything wrong or missing in the original and I don’t quite understand why it has to be longer and more explanatory. Anyone seen both and have any comments?
F@#k Mickey Mouse—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Thurs. 3/24 as part of the Dennis Nyback Live series of compilations. A collection of non-Disney cartoons from the 1930s.
Der Golem—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Sat. 3/26. Silent German film from 1920 about a clay statue brought to life. Live musical accompaniment from Rubinchik’s Yiddish Ensemble. Alamo’s silent films often sell out quickly, so get tickets now if you are interested.
Gozu—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Tuesday 3/22. Part of the Austin Film Society series on Takashi Miike.
The Last Temptation of Christ—Playing at the Paramount Fri-Sun. 3/25-28. Part of the Paramount’s “Salute to Martin Scorsese” series. They’re showing this movie on Easter Sunday. I guess it doesn’t spark the controversy that it used to, back in the day.
Ley Lines—Playing at Alamo South on Sun. 3/20. Free admission. Alamo is showing Takashi Miike films to complement the AFS series.
Marcia Brady Fetish Night—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Thurs. 3/24 at midnight as part of the Dennis Nyback Live series of compilations. I would not have included this in the listings, because it sounds lame and only tangientally related to film. However, every time the ad for this played at an Alamo theater during SXSW, the audience went bananas. So I guess I am in the minority. Y’all enjoy. (Perverts.)
The Muppet Movie Sing-Along—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Sun. 3/20. I am sorry to say that I think I will be catching up on work in the office (grmph) but y’all go and enjoy it.
Taxi Driver—Playing at the Paramount Wed-Thurs. 3/23-24. Part of the Paramount’s “Salute to Martin Scorsese” series.
A Very Long Engagement—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Tues. 3/22 and Sun. 3/27. Tuesday is my boyfriend’s birthday. I wonder if he’d like to celebrate by watching his faaaavorite actress, Audrey Tautou? Hee. (He could not stand Amelie.)
Weird Science—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Fri. 3/25 with Eighties actor Ilan Mitchell-Smith in attendance.
The Wild Life—Playing at Alamo Downtown on Mon. 3/21 as part of their Eighties Nite series. Admission is $1. Also plays Fri. 3/25 with Eighties actor Ilan Mitchell-Smith in attendance.
I have no idea what we’ll be watching around here. My boyfriend has The Usual Suspects rented, which he has never seen … he’s in for a real treat. I still have to finish Gunga Din whether I like it or not. At this point, I would rather watch the cat.