sin, Sesame, and Scarlett, dude

I have about a million and one links I would like to share. It would help if I would do this every few days or every week. But nooooo, I keep forgetting or doing other things like laundry or watching TV. My Bloglines “film” folder is glutted with all kinds of movie-related Web fun.
This is all good stuff. Go take a look.

  • Frank Miller’s Sesame Street—A very funny parody of Frank Miller’s comic-book style, anticipating the release this week of the movie Sin City. I don’t always like Muppet parodies, but this one is pretty funny. (I’m pleased to see other people using my favorite term for Elmo: “Red Menace.”) (link via Shmuel)
  • The Man Who Shot Sin City—Maybe you should read this one before you read the Sesame Street parody. It’s a good article about Robert Rodriguez and how he managed to capture the look and feel of Miller’s illustrations in a film. (link via Beau)
  • Graphic Novel vs. Movie—If you aren’t sick of Sin City links, here’s one more: a comparison of shots in the movie and illustrations in the graphic novel. Coooool. (via twitchfilm)
  • Lebowski Fest 2005—The festival actually takes place in LA, New York, and Louisville on different weekends in the next couple of months. LA’s was last weekend, but you can still catch the other ones. Dude. (link via Cinematical)
    Maybe as an April Fool’s joke I’ll tell my mom there’s a Lebowski Fest in Austin this weekend and that we’re going. My mom haaaaates The Big Lebowski with a fiery passion. A few years ago, my youngest brother rented the movie and completely fell in love with it. Watched it nearly every weekend. Could quote long passages. And he walked around calling everyone “dude.” My mom dislikes “dude” almost as much as “sucks.”
    This happened right around Christmas, so my brother and sister and I were at my parents’ house a lot. We all joined in the fun. Every one of us used the term “dude” liberally throughout the holiday season. Everyone we saw was “dude.” I think we even got my dad to say it once. Drove my mom up the wall.
    A month later, my brother (who was still in high school at the time) got a detention for calling his teacher “dude.” My mom thanked the teacher personally, and that was the end of the Dude craze in my family. The Dude no longer abides in that corner of greater New Orleans.
  • Interview with Paul Schrader—An excellent interview that recounts the experience in which Schrader directed an Exorcist prequel that Morgan Creek execs disliked so much, they had the entire movie reshot. New director, new script, same sets, same cinematographer, same lead actor. The movie they released is considered by many critics to be terrible. Now Schrader has cut together his version and has been showing it at film festivals … and his is apparently a whole lot better. Schrader’s movie is currently planned for theatrical release. It’s an amazing story that you should definitely read, even if you hate sites with white text on black background like I do. (link via twitchfilm)
  • Tideland again—Have you visited the Web site for Terry Gilliam’s forthcoming movie Tideland recently? Go. Look.
  • Warner/HTF chat transcript—A representative from Warner Home Video participated in a live chat this week with members of the Home Theater Forum. Lots of information about upcoming DVD releases from Warner are in this chat transcript.
  • HRC online Gone with the Wind exhibition—The Ransom Center in Austin has all kinds of cool stuff. I went there once for a meeting and there was a dress from Gone with the Wind, right there in the lobby. I keep meaning to visit their museum, which includes a Gutenberg Bible, and I keep forgetting. They have posted all kinds of interesting stuff online, though, including this collection of photos and memos from Gone with the Wind. Even if you don’t like the movie, this is fascinating. I particularly like the Walter Plunkett illustrations of costumes. (via Pop Culture Junk Mail)

I could give you a dozen more, I swear. But not today.

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