happy DVD! happy Jette! part two

Fan site MarsDust has published excerpts from an interview with Bruce Campbell in which he asserts that The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. will finally, finally be available on DVD in the spring of 2006. (Thanks to Twitch for the news.)
I have most if not all the episodes of the single season of Brisco County on videotape; years ago, when I lived in a house with roomies who could not exist without cable, I taped the show off TNT. I am sure my boyfriend will be pleased to hear that we can throw out the stack of videotapes sometime next year and replace them with a tidy little boxed set.
I hope this news is true and not just smoke and mirrors … news about Bruce Campbell-related projects often appears to be dubious, and even Campbell’s own interviews should sometimes be taken with a grain of salt. However, he’s surely had to do some sort of work related to the Brisco County DVD release (commentaries or featurettes or whatnot … even a bare-bones release might necessitate something), so I tend to think he’s right this time.
I liked Brisco County a lot, and not simply because it had Bruce Campbell in it. It’s funny and odd and has a really cool horse. The supporting cast was good—I particularly liked Julius Carry—and while I normally find guest-star cameos annoying, I liked seeing R. Lee Ermey and Tracey Walter and John Astin.
But I know some of you are thinking, “Yeah, you’re not excited about this because you get to see Comet the horse in clear, crisp DVD glory with no commercials. You still have that little thing for Bruce, don’t you?” Of course not. I have outgrown childish infatuations. If I were a drooling Bruce Campbell fan I’d be complaining that Jack of All Trades isn’t out on DVD, and let me tell you, that is one TV show we can afford to live without.
And I don’t have Xena or Hercules episodes on DVD either, but that’s more of a budget thing: those boxed sets are rather expensive. I can get maybe three Simpsons seasons for the price of one Xena season. Someday maybe I’ll get cable and record the few episodes I liked. Yes, most of the episodes happened to have Bruce Campbell or Ted Raimi in them. That’s incidental; I feel the shows were at their best when they were funny. Honestly.
Woo hoo, Cary Grant and Bruce Campbell for Christmas!

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