SXSW tidbits

I’m sitting here in the very nice press room at SXSW, wishing they would keep it open for me until Saturday because it’s so quiet and convenient, and wondering what I can write about SXSW in the next 20 minutes before I have to do other stuff. I’ve posted several reviews to Cinematical over the past few days: you can read all the Cinematical SXSW coverage here. But there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t make it into reviews, like the following bulleted list.

  • The unsung hero of Sunday was my boyfriend, who made it possible for me to do a really dumb thing: get from a 1:00 screening at the Paramount to a 3:45 screening at Alamo Downtown. He was waiting in front of the Paramount in his car; I felt like a rock star as I left the theater. He zipped me over to Alamo in the nick of time, so I could slip in and grab a seat before the movie sold out. I owe him a big favor. If that’s one thing I have learned with a vengeance, it is that you must leave lots of space between movies. Back-to-back makes your brain hurt even if you can rush between theaters in time.
  • I realized after seeing Gretchen and The Cassidy Kids at the Paramount yesterday that P.J. Raval had been the cinematographer on both. And they look entirely different. The man is a marvel.
  • I met Blake of Cinema Strikes Back, and David Hudson of GreenCine Daily, and Scott Weinberg, and other cool film/media writers whom I can’t remember right now because my brain is tired.
  • I need a new digital camera. Fortunately, these days such a purchase qualifies as a business expense.
  • I don’t like the Dobie Theatre very much. I’m sorry. I have tried. The decor is extremely cool, and it’s great you can have free parking in the garage. And their programming is top-notch. But I don’t like sitting at an angle to the screen, and having to crane my head around the person in front of me because the row incline is so slight. I have always wondered why some movies are a migraine trigger, and am now wondering if one factor may be the Dobie. Also, I hate the parking garage, especially at night. None of this is stopping me from seeing movies there, though.
  • I just got invited to a party with food so I’m quitting now. More later.