Holidailies rides again

Celluloid Eyes has become more of a film blog than a personal site in recent years, but there are still people who remember this as the go-to site for Holidailies, the annual collaborative writing project. So I wanted to let you know that Holidailies is happening again for 2006. We haven’t updated the website yet for 2006 (although there’s a recent announcement posted to show that we’re working on it) but my fellow Holidailies partner and I are hard at work refurbishing the site. Well, he’s hard at work; I’ve got all the light chores.
If you haven’t heard of Holidailies, it’s a project that I started back in 2000. Every year, a bunch of people decide to update their personal online websites (blogs, journals, whatever) daily in the month of December. It’s grown from a handful of people on a webring to a full-fledged portal with all kinds of extra features. Last year, we had 250 registered participants: half posted to the portal every day, the other half “played along at home.”
Tying it in to the current theme of this blog: there’s no reason why film blogs can’t participate, updating every day with a movie review, short essay, anecdote, or commentary of some sort. I don’t know yet if I’ll participate myself with Celluloid Eyes or with another blog, or just stick with administering the site this year. But it’s loads of fun. I’ll post more info here as we update the Holidailies site and iron out the details.

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