spending time with Ann and Molly

Ann Richards died in September. And Molly Ivins died just yesterday. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t ever get to see these great Texas women again. Both have appeared in documentaries that aren’t difficult to locate and watch.
If you’re in Austin, you’re in luck, because Texas Barbecue: A Love Story will be shown on KLRU’s series SXSW Presents this Tuesday, February 6 at 9 pm. The documentary about Texas barbecue and its biggest fans is narrated by Richards. And afterwards, you can hear a panel of learned film and barbecue experts — including me — discussing the film. If you don’t live in Austin, get the newly released DVD of Texas Barbecue: A Love Story to hear the former governor of Texas (as well as an aspiring gubernatorial candidate — Kinky Friedman also shows up briefly).
Richards is also listed as appearing in the documentary The Unforeseen, which premiered at Sundance this year, but has yet to screen in Austin. And on a much lighter note, there’s that fabulous episode of King of the Hill in which Hank moons Richards in one of those glass elevators at the Hyatt.
If you’re feeling too lazy to leave your computer screen, you can always watch the Ann Richards ad for Alamo Drafthouse on YouTube.
Molly Ivins has appeared in several documentaries, including Bush’s Brain and The Big Buy: Tom DeLay’s Stolen Congress. But the one I’d recommend renting, if you’re not offended by sex toys, is Dildo Diaries. I saw this movie a couple of years ago at Alamo Drafthouse Downtown with a sold-out and very lively crowd. Everyone enjoyed booing and hissing when Warren Chisum appeared onscreen; it was as good as an old-fashioned melodrama. Ivins shares some delightful stories about the sex-toy and sodomy laws in Texas.

Susie Bright located a long excerpt from Dildo Diaries on YouTube, so if you want to hear Molly Ivins telling Texas Lege stories in her most characteristic manner, have a look:

In addition, a YouTube search on Molly Ivins uncovers some other fascinating interviews. It’s not the same as seeing her in person, but I’ll take what I can get.

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